The fields included in the job of a Building Engineer offer a wide variety of service offers in all the sections which form the architectural and structural process, from the previous topography works to the elaboration of the project, the structural calculation of the executive project, the measuring of the construction parts and the direction of the construction. At the same time, there are numerous tasks related to the Administration, to the diagnosis of pathologies in buildings, to the safety in the construction, to the waste management and to others which need the la intervention of a specialized technician.
Below, we detail most of the services we offer in each section, and the variety becomes even wider.

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- Engineering services
- Quality control
- Coordination of security work
- Measurement and valued relationships
- Renovation or refurbishment projects
- Projects covered and storage
- Renovation of facades
- Calculation of structures
- Topography works
- Projects for the installation of lifts
- Studies of removal of architectural barriers
- Projects segregation of properties
- Drafting of plans
- Drafting of plans for existing buildings
- Pathological studies





The growing demand for architects with whom we work led us, 10 years ago, to start in the calculation of buildings.
To achieve the maximum efficient structural design, we work with the architect from the beginning of writing of the project, and thus we eliminate subsequent modifications due to structural needs.

Our work in the field of structural calculations includes:


- Foundations surface
- Retaining walls
- Structures with unidirectional ceiling
- Structures with two-way ceiling
- Reinforcements in refurbishment or renovation
- Metal structures
- Mixed structures and collective ceiling

The calculation works include the delivery of all plans and details necessary for the execution of the structure, the writing of the memoirs of calculation according to the regulations and the relationship of the state of measurements of all items of execution of the structure.





Our function in the field of construction and the constant collaboration with architects and individuals led us to offer our services from the moment they begin the work of architectural design. That’s why we offer our customers the ability to make topographical maps of land or plots, with indicating roads, levels and items outstanding. Within the field of construction, we also make building work layouts, alignments and gradients demarcations, excavation demarcations, earthmoving…


At the same time, we also provide topography services for clients who want to make the measurement of land or lots, plots or property segregations.

For companies which deal with earthmoving, we provide displacement services, marking batters, marking perimeters and recess spot heights...

- Topographic map survey

- Surface Determination
- measurement of land plots and plots

- Thresholds determination
- Building work layout

- Land displacement





In the field of management, we offer our experience to professionals, residents and individuals to resolve issues relating to procedures, documentation and preparation of different studies.

- Certificates of occupancy and processing of certificate of

- Expert reports
- Diagnosis of pathologies in the buildings
- List of items of work for reforms without project
- Works budget comparative
- Segregation projects of pieces of land or buildings
- Drafting of plans for land registration, notary, recording
- Feasibility studies
- Studies of safety and security plans
- Waste Management Plans





We also offer our services to private people who want a customized design of the furniture in their house: living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens… We adapt the furniture in the room you wish. Our work is presented with a photorealistic image of the result, so that, before ordering its production, you are really convinced of its result.
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