If you need to change the furniture in your living room or in a bedroom, if you need a wardrobe or a custom-made dressing room, and you want to see how it will be before ordering it to the carpenter, we offer you our service called CUSTOM-MADE FURNISHING DESING, where you will be able to see, thanks to a photorealistic drawing, the final result of your ideas.
Our task will start measuring the room and, according to your instructions, we will elaborate a drawing and the possible options for your furniture. So, you will be able to easily explain to the carpenter what you want and how you want it, and you will avoid, this way, any surprise.

Ask for a budget. You will be amazed by the service and the price!

Below, we show you some examples of customized home furnishing design. The designs are presented in photorealistic images (renders) in order to show the result before ordering the production of the furniture.

Carrer Abellerols, 17    17150-Sant Gregori (Girona)      Tel. 629 866 774

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